Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mini Me

It's April the sweetest month of the year,lol, I am going to be 23 for the third time and my daughter is 7. She had a ball at Club Rockley and I would recommend it to everyone. The place is nice and peaceful and the Realtors are lovely. Pools in every cluster and the normal residents are friendly. Here are a couple pics from her weekend shindig and Happy Easter Folks.

Kisses Bougie

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Baaaacckkk!!!!

I feel like such a delinquent for not blogging but it really isn't my fault. My computer was down and after I dealt with that my modem decided to follow the trend. So I'm getting a new modem today, hopefully, so that I am not sneaking time at work ROFL, I hope all is well with all of you and I apart from getting chemical burn from a nail product I am doing just fine.

Kisses Bougie