Monday, October 4, 2010

Say what you mean

I now walked in and somebody said to me "I now called your name you are going to live long" live long my tail, we all know you mean I sorry as hell that you now walked in here. None of the people in the room were my friends therefore in true bajan slang they were talking muh name. People don't understand if I don't like you, you cease to exist. You are not important enough for me to talk about or for me to covet your things. Never let your friends know how good your man treats you I have always heard, but a true friend wouldn't want him. My friend sent me a blackberry message that I laughed off but now I realise it is true, remember your mother said to give your old stuff to the less fortunate, well honey child have the man and the friends that I thought I had since clearly they are not worth it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too many I don't know when last

I don't know when last I blogged
when last I exercised
when last I studied
when last I sold a piece of jewelry
when last I did my hair
when last I cooked
but that was because I wasted too much time
time on people who are not true friends
time on an ex that is not worth it
time on a workmate that stole from me
time taking those so called friends where they needed to get
time cooking for people that I can't risk eating from
fixing it
entails going to bed early to get up to exercise
entails saving some money
entails marketing myself instead of advertising others
entails being more careful with my money
entails going to the supermarket
entails looking in the books I spent so much money on