Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fun Mile!!

The fun mile is a walk,jog,sprint basically a do anything you want event and the proceeds go to the Barbados Cancer Society. Every year at Christmas my friends and I buy gifts for kids that have cancer or are being cared for by people with cancer and this year is no different,however, I have decided to give again by doing the fun mile. My new thing is any walking activity that I can participate in I will since the car accident has shown me that the small things I took for granted I miss now in such a big way. So even though after the first 5 minutes I'll be in pain(90% accident 10% unfit) I'll smile all through out my fun mile.

Kisses Bougie

Friday, November 21, 2008

News even if it's not mine

Well my hair is still very short - 3inches to be exact - which has shown me two things I look younger with short hair and there is no way that I am locking my hair at 4 inches cus it won't be cute... but let's get to the news. I spoke to my daughter's godmother (let's just call her Lisa) about sisterlocks and I gave her all the info for the trained ppl here (Barbados) so last week she had her test locks installed and she is getting them installed pretty soon... so I'll keep you posted and of course I'll get some of her pics so that everyone can see them

Kisses Bougie

Thursday, October 30, 2008

When is good hair is Too Good???

I spoke to an official trainee about doing my hair today and apparently my good hair is too good to do it this short.... she said to me it will undo in the first washing because it is not coarse enough
but at least my hair is fairly cute short and the Carol's Daughters products are the bomb so I guess I will give her a call when my hair gets about 4 inches or so. This is one time the good hair was not all it was supposed to be...

Kisses Bougie

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tagged... I'm IT!!!!

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I have been tagged by N'Drea

1. I am allergic to pepper but it calms my stomach so I eat it anyway
2. I am into growing vegetables and not flowers cus I can't eat flowers
3. I am doing a double major in Economics and Accounting
4. I collect piggy banks
5. I never went to the cinema and stayed awake long enough to see the title of the film
6. I watched Titanic once in 2005 but it watched me about 60 times since the year it came out cus I fell asleep before it started.

I am tagging
Audrey's pleasure
Chosen Vessel {Abena}

Kisses Bougie

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Took the Plunge

Today October 26,2008 , I have gone back to my short afro...... yes I chopped it all off and it's here watching me in a supermarket bag. Sadly it did not bother me and I am wondering if something is wrong with me for not being upset after two years of hard work. Well the best is yet to come.

Kisses Bougie

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Carol's Daughter made Delcia's daughter happy

Tonight was a good night! I had some disturbing news recently and needed a pick me up so after trying the Carol's Daughter Mango Melange Body and Bath Oil and loving it, I decided to try some other Carol's Daughter Products. So I went to my store and got me Hair Butter, Tui Hair Oil and Shampoo. The prices were the biggest but nicest shock I paid $90 bds or $45usd for $82bds or $41usd worth of stuff. So considering she has to pay for it and ship it here and everything I think those prices are great. So even my pick me up went a little better than planned.LOL

Kisses Bougie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It seems.....

Apparently I did not do too badly in the fun walk on Saturday, and due to my "stellar" performance I was invited to participate in a 5K walk this Sunday coming. So my automatic response was - I can't walk 5K , only to hear..... but you walked 5K last Saturday.LOL. After getting over my immediate shock I had a mixture of feelings one for sure was pride but then after that confusion... could my brain and body be so banged up from the accident that I could not recognise I was walking much longer than I would have pre September 13,2007(accident date) ? Well I am taking one day at a time and one pain at a time, so I guess we'll see where Sunday finds me.

Kisses Bougie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey that's Me!

I have the red ends in the group pic and they are both fairly old since my hair is probably more than twice this length now

Kisses Bougie

Monday, October 13, 2008

Things of note

I have been released.......yes they have decided I am an actual blogger and it is not spam - although spam is relative, since I might think that what I am writing is so sensible and you may think it is a a bunch of crap and may want to block me

I may not have to cut my hair after all... I am studying for exams and I may just pull it all out

Usually by now my hair would have sooooooooooo much new growth and now I want to cut it off it is not moving..... some things make you go hmmmm!!

Kisses Bougie

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey I've been tagged

Since I have only started my blog this week tagging someone might be hard but I'll give it a go

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I have been tagged by HappilyNappilyNish
1. I have a daughter
2. My daughter and I share the same first name
3. I have approximately 300 fish (I heard fish are calming)
4. I wear perfume the same colour as the clothes I am wearing
5. I love jewelry
6. I played basketball for Barbados

Now for the big one I am tagging.....Cynthia Taylor
Queen Nat

Kisses Bougie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have decided after having a blog for a couple of days to give it a try not only because of all of the blogs I have gone through but because of a race I participated in today. this morning at 6a.m. I was on the road getting ready to do a fun walk and after I started the pain in my legs began - not because I am unfit but because of a car accident I was in a year ago. The pain made me decide two things I was going to finish the race because I am not sure if next year I will be able to even start it and I have to cut my heavy traditional locks and get sister locks. Lol imagine being in pain and looking at the lady in front of you and thinking maybe if these things on my head were lighter she'd be looking at the back of me. For a while I was considering getting sisterlocks however, when I thought of the time it would take I was like nope not me that's too much time to be sitting there. But a couple of weeks ago I went to move my legs and I could not walk, the pains in my neck were talking to me. The locks came before the accident but I knew for sure for me to have less incidents concerning my neck they'd have to go. So guess what? Sitting and not being able to move taught me that sometimes you need to take time out to do stuff that you need not only the fastest thing at the time. So I guess as soon as the consultant I want to use gets back from o/seas I'll be cutting off my beautiful but HEAVY hair and starting all over again.... Maybe that should have been the title of this blog... Starting all over again

Kisses Bougie