Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I May Not......

I May Not get the award for
the best mother in the world
the most intelligent woman in the world
the most honest person in the world
the best lover in the world
the richest woman in the world

I want those around me to know that
I am the best mother I can be and that anybody else will be to my child
I have gained the highest education that I can attain with what little resources I have
I will always tell the truth as far as I know it
I cannot love everyone but who I choose to love I will love as hard as I can
I will always give my last no matter how big or small
and NOBODY else in this world will ever make these sacrifices for who I choose to love UNCONDITIONALLY

Kisses Bougie

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Live to Learn

I never thought in a million years I would watch my life come down to my mantra but today is one day I can safely say I live to learn and I learned to love but what is supposed to be a very happy time has tested my resolve in loving to live.
I know many things now though and I will keep them to heart
Never expect that a work in progress will be your finished good
Even the best man in the world knows how to mess up a relationship
People will lie on you not to ensure their happiness but to ruin yours
Men listen to gossip even more than women
A man will not believe lies about you but will still react as if they did to satisfy their friends
Men never understand what they have even though everyone around them does
Real friends will be there for you whether you are broke or loaded with cash
A real friend will not hook you up with a woman or man that everyone knows is nasty and is only interested in money
A person that you have prayed for daily will still disappoint you even though they gained what you were praying for
Parents will feel your pain if you are wronged
Going on a jet ski will not erase your pain but if you go fast enough concentrating to hang on is the only thinking you will do
Everything you see will make you remember the person that you love
Never pray for success that brings money and fame with it because it will most definitely bring pain
Embrace any new friends you meet along the way since they will probably be the ones to argue your case
Never worry about any rumour anyone spreads about you since it only shows that you are a good enough person that people have to lie on you to discredit you
If you have a chance to relive your life , do everything right by who you love even if they continue to do bad by you
The people that believe in you in good or bad times are the only people that matter
Always take your blackberry while waiting on an arrival at the airport since the flights will get delayed
Never start a rumour about someone since you would not like if it happens to you
However never defend someone in a situation to save their face since it is only two people in a relationship so if they are not wrong it has to be you
Always think about how your family would feel anytime the urge to do something stupid comes up
Cry for as long as you like BUT
Never drive while crying
If you are sad wear black
People will rejoice in your discomfort
People may not always appear to hear you but they are listening
If you are given a chance to love that person again give it your all since you are still in love with them
Always dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth.

Kisses Bougie