Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fun Mile!!

The fun mile is a walk,jog,sprint basically a do anything you want event and the proceeds go to the Barbados Cancer Society. Every year at Christmas my friends and I buy gifts for kids that have cancer or are being cared for by people with cancer and this year is no different,however, I have decided to give again by doing the fun mile. My new thing is any walking activity that I can participate in I will since the car accident has shown me that the small things I took for granted I miss now in such a big way. So even though after the first 5 minutes I'll be in pain(90% accident 10% unfit) I'll smile all through out my fun mile.

Kisses Bougie


Nihuru said...

Happy Holiday B.

Be safe and have a great time in whatever your heart desires this season.

Bougie said...

Thanks you too hun

blackrussian said...

I've been wanting to visit Barbados for years because, well, it's Barbados.... But this sounds like it would be a great thing to participate in.