Friday, February 6, 2009


Finally a doctor that has me in mind while treating me, my doctor gave me the all clear to do exercise therapy, which means i have to be supervised by a specialist but it really means that I get to be active again. YEAH. Let me back it up for all of you who are lost
Competitive sports person for my entire life
Car accident 2007
Neck and back pains til now
First dr was an idiot so nothing worked
This one is definitely trying
Back to my story so I went to the gym , it hurt like mad but I am active again so I will take the pain and hopefully it will lead to a pain free me again

Kisses Bougie


new2locs said...

Good luck with your workouts & be careful.

Bougie said...

I am being careful- I am actually going to the best gym in Barbados which means $$$$ plus I also pay the therapist there per session but I don't mind since it's all for my neck and back but thanks anyways Chica

Docs Locs said...

Affirming for your good health.

blackrussian said...

I hear you! I wasn't into competetive sports, but I was a dancer and into pilates, yoga, etc., so I'm used to having that sort of lean body.

I hate being overweight and out of shape with a passion!

I was sick and misdiagnosed, and subsequently just depressed about it all, but I'm feeling better about everything than I have in months and training for this marathon has been the best motivation I've had in a while.

I'm looking forward to following your success as well!