Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday morning Scare

So it goes like this
got up and went to the gym
started the class and my nose started to bleed
I know my blood pressure is high so I just dealt with it
But then my chest started to hurt and I had no idea why so
I stopped hmmmmm
maybe I should visit the doctor


new2locs said...

Was this your first visit to they gym? I have also been dealing with hpb for over 10 yrs & currently on 2 meds for it. I was on 3, I am woring on getting off the 2. Please go get your bp checked it's nothing to play with. Maybe if you take it slow & walk for now & work your way up to whatever you were doing in class.

Bougie said...

no I actually go to the gym very often it is just that I have been going thru some ish for a lil bit but I am taking it easy thx

So said...

I everything is alright and yes you should go to the doctor even if it turns out to be a small matter. Many Blessings

SeZ said...

If you felt dizzy and this confused you then yes you shoulf go to the doc. I hope that you went any way. maybe you wre trying to do to much for your system that day. Even a sexy super woman has to take time out sometimes.