Saturday, October 11, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have decided after having a blog for a couple of days to give it a try not only because of all of the blogs I have gone through but because of a race I participated in today. this morning at 6a.m. I was on the road getting ready to do a fun walk and after I started the pain in my legs began - not because I am unfit but because of a car accident I was in a year ago. The pain made me decide two things I was going to finish the race because I am not sure if next year I will be able to even start it and I have to cut my heavy traditional locks and get sister locks. Lol imagine being in pain and looking at the lady in front of you and thinking maybe if these things on my head were lighter she'd be looking at the back of me. For a while I was considering getting sisterlocks however, when I thought of the time it would take I was like nope not me that's too much time to be sitting there. But a couple of weeks ago I went to move my legs and I could not walk, the pains in my neck were talking to me. The locks came before the accident but I knew for sure for me to have less incidents concerning my neck they'd have to go. So guess what? Sitting and not being able to move taught me that sometimes you need to take time out to do stuff that you need not only the fastest thing at the time. So I guess as soon as the consultant I want to use gets back from o/seas I'll be cutting off my beautiful but HEAVY hair and starting all over again.... Maybe that should have been the title of this blog... Starting all over again

Kisses Bougie


HappilyNappilyNish said...

Congrats on having the courage to tackle two tremendous feats !

Nihuru said...

Best of luck with both of your ventures.